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Find out if pet insurance is right for you.

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  • Valley Fever for Debbie:
    $253 (71.7%) reimbursed out of $353 claimed —Lee from AZ
  • Intestine Obstruction for Guiness:
    $765 (73.0%) reimbursed out of $1,048 claimed —Savanna from AZ
  • Torn Knee Ligament (ACL) for Bailey Dewolf:
    $1310 (77.8%) reimbursed out of $1,685 claimed —Henry from RI

Affordable Pet Health Insurance for Any Budget

Dog Insurance Plans

Dog Health Insurance

Cat Insurance Plans

Cat Health Insurance

VPI offers the highest value, lowest cost dog insurance, cat insurance and bird and exotic pet insurance policies, all delivered with a customer-first philosophy.

Find out more about typical costs associated with pets like yours, and check out the top five things to ask a pet insurance company before you make a decision.

What You Get With VPI

  • Great Coverage

    • Coverage is based on a benefit schedule, not on hidden “usual and customary” fees
    • No additional charge for continuous coverage
  • Easy to Use Policies

    • Keep seeing your veterinarian
    • Send us the bill
    • We send you a check
  • Plans That Pay

    Find a plan that’ll help you go the distance for your pet. VPI has got it covered.

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